Zombie Bowl


From Think Geek:

When a zombie eats breakfast, it puts a napkin in its lap, pours some fresh squeezed orange juice into a tiny glass, cracks open a human head, and then (pinky out) proceeds to delicately scoop out the brains with a small spoon. And then the zombie eats the brains as it reads the daily paper and begins a new day. Well, we’re tired of zombies always eating our brains as part of a balanced breakfast. Now, it’s our turn to eat their brains, with this Zombie Bowl!

The Zombie Bowl is made to look like (most of) the head of a zombie. But there’s no top, so you can add all the foodstuffs you want. We like using it to eat things that look like brains. Soggy shredded wheat is good. Spaghetti with tomato sauce works well. Beef stew sort of looks like throw up, so that’s acceptable. Eating gross-looking things out of your Zombie Bowl is a great way to elicit stares, laughs, and fear in your home or office. Make us proud: send us action shots of the grossest things you eat out of your Zombie Bowl!

Glowing Eyes Lion Head Door Knocker


From Geek Alerts:

Let people know they’re visiting the king of the jungle by making them use the Glowing Eyes Lion Door Knocker when they stop by.

Most door knockers are designed to get the attention of the person inside the house, but this one also get the attention of the person doing the knocking. In addition to an aged bronze finish that gives the all-weather resin lion medallion and metal ring a classic aged look, the lion’s eyes glow an eerie red with each knock of the metal ring. Use it for Halloween to create a spooky setting or keep it on the door all year long just because it looks cool.

Herman Munster Mask

Who knew a mask based on a family sit-com could look so unsettling?

From Geek Alerts

Become a lovable, but still slightly scary, monster for Halloween with the Munsters Herman Munster Overhead Latex Mask.

Celebrate October – or any month you get the urge – with a little nostalgia over one of America’s freakiest families. The Munsters were introduced to TV audiences in the 60s but there are still plenty of fans today who enjoy the hilarity of the household at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. If you’re one of those fans, you can slip into Fred Gwynne’s popular character by slipping into this one-size-fits-most mask.

Zombie Bookends

From Geek Alerts

These Zombie Bookends are the perfect way to keep your books organized after the zombie apocalypse happens, because they’ll remind you that there are things outside that want to eat you.

Escaping from the grim reality of a ravaged world by reading a good book will probably help you keep your sanity after the dead rise from their graves in search of fresh brains, but you don’t want to forget how dangerous the world is, which is why these metal bookends will be essential to your survival.

And even if the zombies don’t take over the world, they’re still a great bookshelf addition for zombie lovers.