Light up Pumpkin Puffer Ball


From Office Playground

The Light Up Pumpkin Puffer Ball is so much cooler than your ordinary pumpkin or jack-o-lantern because it’s a light up puffer ball! This friendly pumpkin has personality, character, and a huge grin on his face. He makes a fantastic desk pal and a festive office decoration. Plus, the soft squishy pumpkin is so easy to squeeze. You can squeeze this pumpkin to help reduce your stress. Why just smash a pumpkin when you can squish one?

Poptaters Jason Vorhees

Okay, this is just awesome!

From Entertainment Earth


It’s Fry-Day the 13th! Everybody’s favorite crazed spud in a hockey mask is now the Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Poptaters Mr. Potato Head. Take a stab at decorating your desk with the sportiest, scariest, starchiest tater in the produce section. Just don’t turn your back on him!

My Favorite Martial Statue Collection

Back in 1963, a martian crash-landed on Earth and immediately got sucked into a wide assortment of laughable situations with newspaper reporter Tim O’Hara. Doing his best to blend in as Uncle Martin, the alien with the antennae sticking out of his head tries to repair his ship and hold on to his Martian sanity while surrounded by primitive Earthlings.

Fans of that classic comedy can now know what it’s like to have a martian in their house with this three-piece collection that includes a martian spaceship, a black-and-white Uncle Martin, and a color-version Uncle Martin.

Alien Puffers


Office Playground

The Vinyl Alien Puffers are silly, goofy, funny, squeezable, a bit strange and a great way to relieve your stress. Keep one on your desk to keep you company. Add a little flavor to your desk and it will be ready for when you need him the most. The Vinyl Alien Puffers are sure to be great desk pals.

I can’t help but notice these look a lot like the aliens from the Toy Story franchise, but repainted with hair. Now I’m curious what the story behind the original characters/toys that inspired the characters is.

Wall Bursting Velociraptor

From Geek Alerts


Rawr! Put a little Jurassic in your world with the Realistic Wall-Bursting Velociraptor. You’ll wonder where Owen is every time you look at it.

Where’s the Raptor Whisperer when you need him? This highly-detailed, three-piece replica features inlaid eyes with realistic detailing, rows of menacing inlaid resin teeth inside the mouth, and claws tipped with resin nails. You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into a chaotic theme park every time you enter the room.

Carnage Coffee Cup

From Geek Alerts

carnage cup

Grouchy before you’ve had your morning coffee? Possibly so grouchy you feel like a serial killer? The Carnage 2-Handled Sculpted Mug can help you tame those evil urges.

Transform yourself from Cletus Kasady to Peter Parker with a little symbiote help, and you can even two-fist that shot of caffeine because each of Carnage’s arms create handles for the mug. The mouth even does double-duty as a pour-spout so Carnage can provide a little mouth-to-mouth coffee action.

Uhhhh… actually that last part is a bit weird.

Anyway, the officially-licensed ceramic mug holds approximately twenty ounces.

Alien Minimates

From Geek Alerts

Alien minimates

Your Aliens collection is not complete without this Aliens Minimates Series 2 Set. The characters from the classic 1986 action movie Aliens are now Minimates!

The Aliens Minimates Series 2 Set contains 4 individually packaged 2-packs: You get Pvt. Vasquez with Pvt. Hudson, Jumpsuit Ripley with Newt, Pvt. Frost with Burning Alien and Pvt. Crowe with Attacking Alien and Eggs!

Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure has 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts and accessories. These figures are adorable as mini-mates and make a great gift for fans of the classic horror movie. Only $29.99 from Entertainment Earth. Pre-order them now and they ship in December.