Space Invaders Ice Cube Tray

From Think Geek

What’s cooler than Space Invaders? If you said nothing, you’d be right, unless of course you knew we were talking about temperature and not colloquial slang, in which case you’d be wrong! So, what’s cooler than Space Invaders? Space Invader ice cube trays! Originally released in 1978, Space Invaders is an iconic arcade game pivotal in the defining of video gaming. Thus, the only plausible progression for something this amazing is to turn it into something that can be physically shared via an entirely new facet of your life.

Most video gamers, if not all, know of and/or have played Space Invaders. So, when your party is circling the drain, pop these into a drink and watch it come back to life! The silicone tray material makes newly formed ice cube retrieval a breeze and cleaning even easier. The temperature resistant, form-holding material is dishwasher safe and incredibly durable to keep Space Invader ice cubes in your drinks for years to come.


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