Zombie Key Caps

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The Zombies are coming… to take over your Keys! Take over your Keys and nicely organize them by different colored Zombie head. Yes, these Zombies will help your brain adjust not eat it. They make it easy to distinguish which Key is for what lock. So in case a real Zombie invasion occurred you would be able to get into your house quickly.


Zombie Snuggler Robe

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They call it a Snuggler Robe, but it’s a Snuggie. It just doesn’t have the Snuggie trademark attached to it.

Is your body feeling cold? Do you feel like you’re turning into a zombie? Then shamble around in this drop-dead cool Zombie Be the Character Snuggler Blanket! The soft, snuggly blanket features a fun image of a rotting zombie for you to wear to keep you warm. Why would you ever want to cuddle up in anything else? Ages 12 and up.

Fox’s Sleepy Hollow Preview

Fox has uploaded a preview of this Fall’s latest incarnation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (one of two that will be hitting the air this Autumn, as of the last time I checked.)

The show looks interesting, and because I love all things Sleepy Hollow I will certainly give it a try. However, the show looks weak in the areas of getting a wider audience (nothing in the preview jumped out at me in the manner of “this is something everyone will want to watch!”) and in the story itself.

Yet again, a television series has got a great premise, but forgot that it would have to be stretched out over dozens of episodes. I don’t see how this one can go very far before the plot begins to run thin.

I think a mini-series or even the return of a made-for-television movie might have been a better bet this time. However, I will be glad to watch it for however long they decide to run it. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised with how many others do, as well.

Halloween Fortune Cookies

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It’s time to bring out the creepy crawly candy and bob for apples. Let the Halloween season commence with these Orange and Black Fortune Cookies. Each Cookie comes complete with a funny, spooky Fortune inside. You’ll be freaked out and laughing at the same time. Remember, the Fortune Cookie never lies! There are 50 Cookies per package, so you’ll have plenty to pass out or serve at your party.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights Preview

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Universal Studios has posted their trailer (is that the right thing to call something that doesn’t involve a movie or a television show?) for Halloween Horror Nights. The event runs from September 20th through November 2nd (on select nights, usually on the weekends), and looks quite impressive again this year.

Fall Foliage Forecast


Accuweather released their forecast for the best times to see Fall foliage peaks this year. For those that prefer Halloween to have the spooky, skeletal tree appearance, the Great Lakes region and the Rocky Mountains should be getting close to barren by the end of October as foliage will peak in late September and early October.

Elsewhere, foliage will be exploding into vibrant Autumn colors for much of the country leading into All Hallow’s Eve. Unfortunately, for those in the deep South, it could be a late foliage year. If peaks don’t happen until early November, there is a slight chance that trees could continue holding onto their green coloration all the way into October. That dampens the mood quite a bit.

We’ll hold onto hope that they are off by a few weeks on that forecast, and maybe the peak will hit in October like most of the rest of the country. 


Funko Horror Classics Mystery Minis

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This is perfect for those who love horror movie collectibles, Funko figures, blind box collectibles, or are just freaky enjoy to love all three in some weird love quadrilateral. 

The entire thing will be released in early October (Amazon shows October 3rd) and can be purchased as a unit for right about $180 all told. 

The set comes with the following 2.5 inch tall collectible figures:

  • Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Michael Myers (Halloween)
  • Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
  • Leatherface (Clean Variant)
  • Jigsaw (Saw)
  • Jason Vooerhees
  • Jason Voorhees (NES Game Variant)
  • Hannibal Lecter
  • Chucky (Bride of Chucky)
  • Chucky (Child’s Play Variant)
  • Captain Spaulding (House of a Thousand Corpses)
  • Sam (Trick R’ Treat)
  • Pennywise (Stephen King’s IT)
  • Ghostface (Scream)
  • Ash (Army of Darkness)