Zombie Eye Paper Weight

From Think Geek


It’s the end of level 8. We’ve slogged through graveyards, woods, fields, industrial chemical complexes, and now we’re finally face to face with the end boss. And yay, it’s a giant zombie! A bunch of button mashing and some well-timed combos, and we’ve ripped it’s eyeballs out, blown it into smithereens, found out the princess is in yet another castle, and won the game. But what to do with the eyeballs, our trophies of battle? We just had some artists copy them and now we can offer you a Zombie Eye Paperweight.

Each Zombie Eye Paperweight is about 3.5″ in diameter. The bottom has been shaved off to make a flat surface so the re-dead undead eye can stare upwards in futile contemplation. Keep in mind that each Zombie Eye Paperweight is handmade, so there will be slight differences – just like real eyeballs. But, unlike real eyeballs (human ones, not them big giant squid ones or anything), these are heavy enough to keep your papers down.


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