Eye Ball Hand Bag

From Think Geek


Your purse is like a detached limb: it’s the part of you that holds onto some of the most important things in your life and you feel a bit weird without it as a result. If there were only a way to constantly keep an eye on it, then you wouldn’t have to worry so much about someone messing with it. Well, we heard your pleas and returned with a literal interpretation: we put an eye on it! Eh, not so much on it as made the entire purse an eyeball. Either way, it’s kind of adorable.

For all those horror and gore fans, the gals that like the guts, the Bloody Eyeball Bag is super cute, super horrifying, and sets up dozens of puns that will never get old. Nobody is going to rifle through a giant eyeball, nor will any thief dare steal something that’s staring right at him. It’s the third eye on your hip that watches your back, the all-seeing protector of life’s most important things, and the creepy flair your wardrobe can always use. We know you’ve had your eye on it for some time now… snerk.


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