NBC News: The Appeal of Horror Attractions

Excerpt courtesy of NBC News

Los Angeles puts a premium on beautiful people with perfect bodies, but one of the hottest tickets in town this weekend will have you admiring gaunt souls sporting large wounds with exposed bones and oozing blood.

Welcome to ScareLA, billed as Southern California’s first Halloween convention and the latest in the many haunt-and-horror-themed attractions popping up as hunger for the genre grows — even as October still seems far away.

The wounds and the blood are fake, but the enthusiasm is not. The event is expected to draw some 3,000 people who can mingle with like-minded fans, hear from “scare entertainment pros” and perfect their haunt skills with classes boasting titles such as “Zombie Prosthetics 101” and the “Tombstone Carving Workshop.”

You may wonder why all this fascination with dread and gore, but ScareLA co-producers Lora Ivanova and David Markland said there’s something fun in facing your darkest fears in this way.

“Fear is a powerful emotion and creates a lot of excitement. The feeling of being afraid in a safe environment and overcoming that is invigorating,” Ivanova said.

“It’s a carnival atmosphere: People get to go crazy a little bit,” added Markland, who also runs the blog, CreepyLA.com.

This fall, you can go crazy in every corner of the country as theme parks and attractions once again go all out for the spooky season, many hiring hundreds of performers and offering mazes that promise horrifying sights.


You can read the full article here: http://www.nbcnews.com/travel/people-get-go-crazy-frightening-appeal-horror-attractions-6C10867950

And here is the link to Creepy L.A. http://creepyla.com/


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