Fox’s Sleepy Hollow Preview

Fox has uploaded a preview of this Fall’s latest incarnation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (one of two that will be hitting the air this Autumn, as of the last time I checked.)

The show looks interesting, and because I love all things Sleepy Hollow I will certainly give it a try. However, the show looks weak in the areas of getting a wider audience (nothing in the preview jumped out at me in the manner of “this is something everyone will want to watch!”) and in the story itself.

Yet again, a television series has got a great premise, but forgot that it would have to be stretched out over dozens of episodes. I don’t see how this one can go very far before the plot begins to run thin.

I think a mini-series or even the return of a made-for-television movie might have been a better bet this time. However, I will be glad to watch it for however long they decide to run it. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised with how many others do, as well.


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