12 Foot Inflatable Spider



From Geek Alerts

When Halloween is lurking around the corner, it’s only normal for thoughts to turn to things like the 12-Foot Inflatable Animated Spider because everybody wants the honor of having the most ghoulish place on the block, and nothing says ghoulish like a giant blow-up arachnid with glowing eyes.

This 12-foot-tall inflatable spider stands upright with outstretched legs and two eyes that light-up, courtesy of two integrated LEDs that change colors from red to green. The 30-inch-wide head turns 60º side-to-side, providing a perfect imitation of a giant spider searching for its next meal.

Made of strong, light, and durable polyester taffeta and PVC, the giant insect reaches his full height with the help of the included 4-watt air blower that provides constant inflation. In addition to the glowing eyes, the spider also features a sparkled pattern on its abdomen and thorax that reflects ambient light, or make sure you get a lot of attention by aiming a spotlight or two in its direction. Four stakes and tethers insure the giant spider doesn’t suddenly become a giant flying spider when a gust of wind comes along.


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