Naked Haunted House Forced to Cover Up

I wasn’t going to talk about this since I try to keep the topics on the site toned down, and plus I thought it was a stupid publicity stunt with little to actually do with Halloween. However, this does warrant a mention.

The organizers of a Pennsylvania haunted house that was going to challenge visitors to go through the attraction naked have been ordered to drop the nudity portion of their event after local officials and residents complained.

The owner has agreed to limit those who enter the house to no less than underwear, but he says that next year he would like to offer the all-nude challenge again if officials will allow it.

I am still not sure how many takers he would get for this since it is counter intuitive to both thrill seeking in both ways. Those who perform nude stunts do so in order to grab attention and be exhibitionists. The thrill is from knowing they are being seen. It is not from going through a house in the dark of the night.

More information on this story can be found here


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