This is Halloween

Everyone have a happy and safe All Hallow’s Eve!


Real Ghostbusters Pilot

Here is a treat for the night before Halloween. It is the original pilot promotional made for The Real Ghostbusters in 1986. The four minute clip is not much different than what the show ended up being like.

They did add color the guys’ uniforms, and change up the character designs on Peter a little bit.

Also, it appears that they intended to make Slimer more menacing and keep him as an antagonist. I’m still not sure what their plans for Stay Puft were since he saved them in this clip, but they still bust him!

It is a fascinating and fun short.

N.C.I.S. Halloween Specials

File:NCIS title.jpg

Premise: A group of top ranking agents with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Major Case Response Team look into homicides and major crimes that involve the Navy. The series stars Mark Harmon, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, David McCallum, and Sean Murray.

“The Curse” (air date: October 28, 2003)
The N.C.I.S. team is called in to investigate the discovery of a lieutenant whose body has been left mummified.

“Witch Hunt” (air date: October 31, 2006)
The N.C.I.S. team has to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl on Halloween.

“Chimera” (air date: October 30, 2007)
The N.C.I.S. team find themselves alone on a top secret Navy vestle that has been abandoned except for the dead body of a single scientist.

“Murder 2.0” (air date: October 28, 2008)
During Halloween week, a serial killer begins posting videos of his crimes online in order to taunt N.C.I.S.

“Code of Conduct” (air date: October 20, 2009)
N.C.I.S. must investigate the death of a lance corporal who has been suffocated by liquid nitrogen.

Note: A running theme in the series is agent Tony DiNozzo’s hatred of Halloween because it always causes an upswing in the work load for law enforcement officers.

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror

I was going to try and compile a list myself, but Wikipedia did a much better job than I could ever dream of doing. The Simpsons have been doing an annual Halloween special since their second season, and it has become a staple of not only The Simpsons series itself, but of the Halloween season as a whole. 

Just for fun, someone has uploaded all of the Halloween versions of The Simpsons theme up on You Tube. So listen to this while you read


Castle Halloween Episodes

File:Castle intertitle.png

Premise: Crime novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) teams up with New York City police detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) to solve strange and unusual cases.

Because the show often centers on the unusual and unheard of, Castle has expanded on this format during Halloween for a few episodes with a more macabre twist.

Season 2, Episode 6
“Vampire Weekend” (air date: October 26, 2009)
Castle and Beckett must look into the sub-culture of vampire and werewolf role playing after a man is found stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake. The episode features a famous moment when Richard Castle dresses up as a space cowboy for Halloween. The outfit is similar to Fillion’s character, Malcolm Reynolds, from his previous series Firefly. To further the joke, Castle’s teenage daughter scolds him that he wore that same outfit “five years ago.”

Season 4, Episode 6
“Demons” (air date: October 24, 2011)
Castle and Beckett clash during the investigation of a homicide involving a ghost hunter at a allegedly haunted mansion. Castle believes his death was from super natural forces while Beckett stays within the realm of the physical world. In an unusual scheduling issue, the episode aired a week before Halloween while a traditional episode aired on Halloween night a week later.

The famous “Space Cowboy” scene can be found here

Meanwhile, a special, fan-made music video has been posted online featuring scenes from “Demons” set to the “Ghostbusters” here

 Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.