I’m Back and So is Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness

It was about a week ago that one of my teeth decided I had greatly offended it somehow, and I would be a much better person if I had to undergo a root canal. A few days in a delay along with some complications led me to a week of a liquid diet and feeling like a knot on a log.

So, unfortunately, right as the Halloween season kicked off I had to kick out. My apologies to everyone who follows my blog as I know I promised a lot of upswings in activity throughout October. My mouth just did not want me to deliver on that.

So I return with the return of Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness. I know that only a niche audience will know anything about this, but it is a great treat for anyone who is a Halloweenie or horror movie fan (or movie buff in general, to be honest.)

Every year, the guys at Cinemassacre produce a marathon of miniature (less than five minutes each) horror movie reviews throughout the month of October leading into Halloween.

Monster Madness has been going on since 2007, and has archived a great amount of horror movie starter knowledge along with entertaining clips.

I will give fair warning since I try not to promote too much mature stuff that most of the videos do contain content that is not suitable for children. They are, after all, video reviews of horror movies. So parental discretion is advised.

This year, they are off and running with a second look at franchise sequels. So far, the extended Mummy franchise has been examined, and now they are delving into the Hammer version of Frankenstein. Oh, and I have to point out that the hosting set up designed to look like a classic video store could not have been more perfect.


Head there to jump right into this year’s Monster Madness, and if you got a few hours that you want to use up doing something fun, check out their full archives as well.


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