Halloween Report

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. Although, I do intend to keep my decorations up through Sunday morning. My rule is a very quirky one. On years where Halloween falls on Thursday or Friday, I continue to celebrate into the weekend. In years it falls on Sun through Tuesday, that day is the cut off point. Wednesday is a flip day. 

So, it was pretty much pre-determined that Halloween would not technically finish up for me until this weekend. It will be the same with several communities in the eastern U.S.  I saw dozens of reports this afternoon of towns and communities calling off Halloween celebrations until Friday or Saturday due to bad weather.

It wasn’t exactly perfect trick-or-treating weather here, either. Ten trick-or-treaters was the final, very sad, tally. It was the first time in about a decade that we did not finish off the candy bowl. In fact, the candy bowl still runs over even while being overly generous to those who were braving the elements. 

While I have often said that a rainy Halloween might work out just fine to set the mood, I am now convinced that I was wrong. It has rained on Halloween now twice in my life time, and neither one of them turned out well. 

I think I will stick with my original idea of what a Halloween is supposed to look like. It should be clear to partly cloudy with just a hint of chill in the air. It shouldn’t be too cold and it certainly shouldn’t be too warm. Not to mention, the moon should be out. Whether it’s a full moon or just a little sliver of crescent does not matter. 

That was another thing that sort of impacted this year’s festivities. it is a new moon weekend, and so even that did not feel right (even if it was cloudy and rainy.)

I am going to stay optimistic into the weekend as I watch some more Halloween specials and enjoy the last couple of days of one of my favorite times of year. However, as for Halloween itself, this year it kind of fell apart due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control. 

Hope everyone else had a better one than we did. Happy Halloween! 


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