Price is Right Halloween 2013

The Price is Right held their annual Halloween episode today,  but with less fanfare than in years past. Unlike the last few episodes, there was no theme to this one. It was back to basics with the Halloween formula in place like the original specials.

The set was decorated above and beyond with many tomb stones and Gothic back drops. They even blacked out the wall behind the audience giving the studio a much darker tone. 

There were little touches like the pages being dressed as zombies and actually stalking people as they came on down. Announcer George Gray was placed in front of a green screen so that he appeared as a disembodied head all episode long. 

Host Drew Carey was “Drewcula.” He actually looked very freaky in his vampire gear, but the over blown Transylvanian accent wore on me as the show went along. Although, it was fun to hear him get excited and slip back into his real voice during anxious moments in the show.

They did an interesting introduction for Drew that I think was edited together. On television, we saw him float in from the ceiling like a bat. However, there was an awkward edit, and the next thing we see is him walking across the stage like normal. I have a suspicion that the entrance was filmed like normal for the crowd, and the fly in was recorded either before or after the show. Either way, it was a neat bit.

One thing that was really missing from the show was the models. I have no clue what is going on this year, but so far the only regular model we have seen is Rachel Reynolds. The other three have not been seen this season. Their social accounts and The Price is Right web site all list them as coming back. However, it is just very strange. 

Anyway, Rachel was paired up with a guest model who is also an actress on The Young and the Restless. They were both done up in spooky attire with black dresses, white faces, and wild hair. The entire show they scowled and hissed at contestants rather than the usual smiling and cheering. I liked that as well, and Rachel made the Halloween garb look better than it had any right to.

There was also a strange cameo from The Late Late Show‘s Geoff Peterson. For those that don’t watch the program, Geoff is an animatronic skeleton puppet so he fit right in with the motif. 

Overall, it felt like the best of times and the worst of times. The people involved with the show looked like they went to great effort to make things look fun for Halloween, but there was just something missing that I can’t put my finger on. The spark from the previous years’ Halloween specials just wasn’t there.

I have no clue how long CBS leaves up their day time replays, but you can see the full episode right now at

The photos on this page also come from the TPIR website. So go and enjoy them while you can. 


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