The Nightmare Before Christmas

November 1st is usually sat aside for me to do one thing in order to bridge the gap between Halloween and Christmas seasons. I typically wait until the evening hours and pop in a copy (of which I have way too many, to be honest) of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The transformation of the movie from a Halloween to Christmas motif is almost too perfect of a situation for moving from October into November. In fact, producer Tim Burton got the original idea for the story after seeing a window display go from Halloween to Christmas decorations overnight.

I would suggest that anyone who has not seen this magnificent movie get a copy and embrace it. The story is cute, there is actually some decent action, and the design is one of my favorite movie universes ever. To this day, when I think of Halloween, the image of Jack on the hillside in the moon light is what springs to mind.

Having said all that, this year, I am putting The Nightmare Before Christmas off for a few days in order to extend Halloween. As I have spoken about, some celebrations have already been postponed, and I know a lot of places are still doing Halloween through the remainder of the weekend. So I cannot officially wrap up All Hallow’s Eve until we have gotten all of our celebrations done.

I’m just not ready to let go, yet. Hope everyone else is still in the Halloween spirit!


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