Apple Cider Punch

More booze? Why not? Actually, this one can be served in a G-rated format as well, and the adult beverage part is considered optional. That’s the best kind of drinks, in my opinion. They can be shared by everyone.

This recipe comes courtesy of Country Living, James Boyce, and a Special thanks to Cosmopolitan for the link to it.

1/2 gallon(s) Apple Cider, chilled
1 quart(s) White Grape Juice, chilled
1 bottle(s) (750-ml) Sparkling Apple Cider, chilled
8 ounce(s) Orange Juice
8 teaspoon(s) Star Anises
3 large Golden Delicious Apples, sliced crosswise Ice
16 ounce(s) Dark Rum (Optional)

In a punch bowl or large pitcher, combine apple cider, grape juice, sparkling cider, and orange juice. Add star anises and slices from 2 apples.

To serve, fill tumblers with ice. Add 1 ounce rum to each glass, if desired, and top with punch. Garnish each with 1 apple slice.

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