Walking Dead Pajamas

It’s becoming quite difficult to find stuff to post on here while everyone is wrapped up in the Yule tide spirit. However, leave it to zombies to be the go to Halloween style thing even during the holiday season.

The Walking Dead Zombie Footed Pajamas

From Geek Alerts http://www.geekalerts.com/the-walking-dead-zombie-footed-pajamas/

A lot of us feel like zombies when we first wake up and now it’s possible to look like a member of the undead when we crawl out of bed wearing the Walking Dead Gruesome Zombie Unisex Footed Pajamas.

The 100% polyester fleece jammies let you look like a life-sized Walker come to life in the real world, complete with blood, cuts, and torn clothing. You can even pull the hood over your head to complete the image with a zombie face. Make sure your significant other isn’t overly prepared for the zombie apocalypse to happen or you could find a sharp object embedded between your eyes before you manage to stumble to the coffee pot.


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