Alien Bust: Big Chap

From Geek Alerts


This Alien Legendary Bust: Big Chap looks stunning and it will look even scarier in your home. This alien is recreated in approximately 1:2 scale and captures H.R. Giger’s original bio-mechanical creature design in stunning detail.

Sideshow’s artists have captured the xenomorph’s distinctive head carapace with its signature glossy-wet appearance in stunning detail. It has a semi-translucent surface that reveals the skull beneath. The base has a relief design of an alien egg and facehugger too.

You can get this amazing bust for just £343.99 from Forbidden Planet. Pre-order it now for April.


Skull & Cross Bones Decorative Candles


I have no clue what caused girls to suddenly become obsessed with the macabre iconography that is skulls, but it is steadily becoming more and more popular for them to appear on girly things. In this case, Primal Elements is selling a decorative candle that has a little, jewel encrusted icon of a skull and cross bones on it. I have already shown it to one female friend of mine, and she loved it. So, I don’t know where this fad came from, but whatever floats their boat.

You can buy your own girly/not-girly skull candle from Primal Elements by clicking here.

Halloween Barbie Dolls

I stumbled across this post by accident, but it is fantastic. Apparently, Mattel issued a Halloween Barbie doll every year starting back in 1997, and they look amazing. My personal favorite is the Trick or Chic Barbie from 2008 which manages to look like she is wearing an incredible Halloween costume while still being Barbie fashionable. You can’t beat that.

For the entire list visit the Fashion Doll Guide (a great site beyond just Halloween stuff.)

Pac Man Ghost Key Covers

From Geek Alerts

Keep your keys marked and organized with this Pac-Man Ghost Key Cover 4-Pack. Pac-Man’s enemies will help you differentiate your keys and geek up your key ring.

This 4 pack features 4 separate key covers that look like the ghosts from the Pac-Man arcade game. You get the Blue Ghost, the Red Ghost, Pink Ghost, and Orange Ghost. These ghosts are usually bad, but in this case they are very helpful.

Starburst Halloween Candies

It’s been another slow day for finding Halloween stuff online (who knew it’d be so difficult in March?) So, I turn back to one of my favorite web sites, Dinosaur Dracula, for some more goodness from his archives. In this case, Halloween themed Starburst candy. How can you not love that?

You can see the full article (yep, they made a full article on it) by clicking here. Fair warning, Dinosaur Dracula contains some content that is mature in nature, so it’s not safe for the kiddies.

Supernatural Vinyl Action Figures

From Think Geek

Funko POP! figures come in lots of different franchises, so if you have a collection of them, you might have to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re all playing well with others. That’s where these demon-hunting brothers come in handy. They’re ready to put the smack down on any supernatural (lower case “s”) figure that’s out of line. Tiny Chevy Impala not included.

Click here to visit Think Geek.