Monster Mash Wind-Up Hoppers



Now this is neat. From what I can tell, you wind these little guys up and they go hopping along. Combine that with their awesome looks (the Jack O’Lantern couldn’t be much better) and you have a nice little bobble for your collection or to use for decoration.


Living Dead Dolls: The Headless Horseman


From Entertainment Earth

Don’t lose your head! The Living Dead Dolls welcome one of the most popular characters of American folklore into their ranks: The Headless Horseman. After losing his head in the Revolutionary War, the headless horseman rides forth to the scene of battle in nightly quest for his head. Failing to find his decapitated cranium, he substitutes a pumpkin…yet continues to search. The Headless Horseman is the first Living Dead Doll to ever feature a removable head, so he can be displayed with his pumpkin “head” in place or without, revealing his stump of a neck. The Headless Horseman stands 10-inches tall and comes complete with real cloth clothing, carefully recreated from period sketches and descriptions. He features a flowing cloak, as described in the classic tale. The Headless Horseman comes in his own collector friendly coffin box. Get yours, before he gets you!

Halloween Pens


If I had to gamble, I’d bet these pens did not write all that well. However, their designs make them great collectibles for both writing people and Halloween geeks (I fall into both categories.) The skeleton is my personal favorite.

Once again, these come from the Neato Shop that continues to try and do away with their Halloween stock from last year.