Great DIY Halloween Decorations

Original Halloween content is popping up on home decorating websites and in magazines. That means Fall is in the air! Considering it’s been feeling like Autumn almost all July, I’d say it couldn’t come at a better time.

Inventor’s Spot has a great selection of DIY decorations that they claim will freak people out. They actually do have a point. Some of these are rather gruesome for a home improvement site. The creepiest is easily the doll garland (that is just crazy creepy) and my favorite is the snake wreath. 

You can see all of them here:


Harry Potter Wizard Monopoly

From Geek Alerts:

Muggles can now pretend to be wizards with Harry Potter Wizard’s Monopoly, and there’s even two versions to choose from, depending on how dedicated you are to the world of Harry Potter.

For those who have a hefty bank account at Gringotts Wizarding Bank, the built-to-order game set is the way to go. In addition to playing pieces, Community Chest (Room of Requirement) cards, Chance (Ministry) cards, detailed Property cards, and money featuring Harry Potter characters, you also get this cool-looking trunk to keep all the goodies in.

If you’re more into DIY projects, you can conjure up your own game with the download files, which are also available. The files provide you with everything you need to play Wizard’s Monopoly, but you don’t get the trunk or property pieces.

Halloween Nesting Dolls


From Geek Alerts

This Halloween Nesting Dolls Set will look great in your home with your other scary decor. This set features 5 different nesting dolls that all fit into each other.

You get a skeleton, 2 vampires, a cat with a pumpkin and a ghost. Scary. These nesting dolls are nicely detailed and made from wood. They will put you in the Halloween spirit and impress your guests this Halloween.

You can get your Halloween Nesting Dolls at Entertainment Earth at the following link

Walking Dead Blind Box Mini Figures

From Think Geek:

Be the coolest cubicle in the farm when you set up a patrol of zombies along your wall. Nobody will come bother you about TPS reports or meetings. They’ll be too afraid of getting bitten. And finally – FINALLY! – you will have peace.

The Walking Dead Blind Box minis are based on the AMC TV series and include all of your favorite characters. (Or rather, they will once more sets come out!) Series 1 includes a whole bunch of walkers and the Dixon brothers. Series 2 adds Rick, Michonne, Carl, and the Governor. These vinyl figures are about 2.5″ tall.

For more information and to order these figures, click the following link