Pumpkin Spice Yogurt? Sure, Why Not!

Chobani Yogurt is the next product to jump on the band wagon of all things pumpkin spice. You get the feeling that the market is kind of being over saturated with this stuff?



Halloween Balloon Crafts

Here’s just a couple of random balloon crafts projects that parents can do with their kids to get them in the Halloween mood while also making a pretty neat, kid friendly decoration for the season.

First up is a simple balloon ghost that probably wouldn’t take twenty minutes to put together, and would look nice in an area where a breeze could flow through the shreddings. 


 The balloon spider is my particular favorite. It’s a hint more complex, but looks a lot better according to the diagram. I would suggest going with their two balloon approach, however, as twisting balloons is always a risky endeavor (unless your one of those clowns at the circus that can create an entire zoo.)


Autumn Grocery Overkill

So, everyone is going all in this season, and it’s not even the season yet! Here’s a list from the Impulse Buy showing a series of Autumn related goodies already out there.

Maple Bacon and Candy Corn Cookie Mix from Betty Crocker

Nestle Tollhouse Pumpkin Spice Cookies and Cafe Escapes Pumpkin Spice Coffee 

Welsh’s Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple Sparkling Drinks

More Autumn Gum Flavors and Little Debbie Goes All in on All Hallow’s Eve

The Impulse Buy website has spotted a few more seasonal treats invading store shelves.

Earlier this week, I passed along information on Extra bringing out pumpkin spice gum. Well now, we have apple crisp flavors to go with it. To be fair, that does sound a lot better as a chewing gum flavor than pumpkin spice, but I haven’t tried them, yet.


While those are innocent enough deliveries a few days ahead of the start of meteorological Autumn (which I go by rather than the official seasonal changes), Little Debbie has given up any ideas of subtly by delivering to store shelves Halloween themed Brownie Pumpkins. Apparently it is their traditional brownies with orange coloring and Jack O’Lantern faces etched into them. Again, I am obviously all about Halloween, but let’s at least wait until the first week of September to really drop the H-bomb merchandise, huh?