Walking Dead Letter Opener

From Think Geek

Postal mail is one of those things you can depend on. The power might be out and the water might not be running, but your postal worker can often still be found trudging through whatever natural disaster has befallen you. Or, in the case of zombies, whatever unnatural disaster has befallen you.

So it’s a little weird that we don’t see at least one really dedicated postal worker slogging his or her way through the zombie hordes to deliver the mail, at least at the beginning of the series when there would be mail waiting to be delivered. With no television and radio signals intermittent at best, the written word is one of the best ways to get a message out. Just be a bit wary if that written word is guiding you to some new “sanctuary for all.”

This Michonne’s Sword Letter Opener Set lets you plunge a miniature katana into those who would seek to bill you. Or, well, the bills at least. And then, when you’re done dissecting your mail, you can stick the sword back into the waiting zombie skull. Nice touch: you can see the blade through the zombie’s gaping maw. It’s those little design elements that really bring a room together.



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