Halloween Horror Nights Tickets Now on Sale

It’s that time of year again. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Hollywood has put tickets on sale. See the link below for ordering details.



Solar Powered Dancing Scarecrow

Office Playground


Decorate your office for the Halloween season or set up a scarecrow to keep the crows away with the Solar Power Motion Toy Scarecrow. Place him in strong sunlight and he will wiggle his head and body in a cute little dance. Solar toys do not require batteries, make nice gifts and are really fun to collect.


Monster Puff Ball

From Office Playground


The Puffer Ball – Monster, Flashing is a cute creature and a super fun light up stress reliever. You can place the squeezable Puffer Monster on your desk to keep you company during the day. Just give this happy companion a good squeeze and watch him light up. The Puffer Ball – Monster, Flashing helps make work more fun!


Vermont Claims the World’s Greatest Autumn Foliage

From CBS Boston

Vermont has issued a declaration as bold as the fall colors in New England: No one in the world beats its foliage.

The Green Mountain State’s tourism department said Monday that “after years of watching other states attempt to position themselves as autumn destinations, Vermont has thrown down the gauntlet and declared itself the home of the World’s Best Foliage.”

About 3.5 million people a year visit Vermont in the fall and spend $460 million during the foliage season, officials say.

“No one does foliage better than Vermont,” Gov. Peter Shumlin said in the statement. “With our flaming reds, blazing oranges and glowing yellows, we have the most vibrant fall colors in the world.”


Eye Splat Ball

From Office Playground


An eye ball on your desk is either gross or cool. The Splat Ball – Eye is pretty cool. This liquid filled stress ball is fun to squeeze in your hand, but it’s even more fun to throw. Toss it against a hard flat surface and it spreads out flat on impact, looking like a melted eyeball! Within seconds, it begins to reform to its original shape again. Go ahead and pull this prank with your co-workers: throw the Splat Ball – Eye near a co-worker and watch their reaction. Then you’ll be laughing when the slimy mess transforms back into a stress ball!