Happy Halloween!

Today is the day! Enjoy it, have fun, stay safe! Only 365 days til next time!


October 30th: To Some Devil’s Night, Others Mischief Night. To Most, However, It’s Apparently Nothing

Joshua Katz, a PhD student in statistics at North Carolina State University, created a map based on a Harvard Dialect Survey about how Americans speak.

While the study, led by Prof. Bert Vaux, found that most Americans don’t have a special name for tonight, most people in New Jersey call it “Mischief Night.” Michigan residents, in fact, are the only other ones to have a name for Halloween eve, “Devils Night.”

“Mischief Night” is just that: A night, typically, young unsupervised juveniles go around engaging in mischievous behavior such as throwing eggs at homes and wrapping trees in toilet paper. Some New Jersey towns enforce a zero tolerance policy to cut down on this type of behavior.


Do Not Wear Halloween Contact Lenses

This is honestly something I should have been preaching on for a long while now, and even when I post videos of make up tutorials that involve contacts I should have placed a disclaimer on them that contacts should only be purchased via licensed eye doctors and never from costume or party stores.

This story from Michigan is another reason why you should never assume costume contacts are safe. A teenage girl was left with a severe eye injury that may now require surgery to repair (if her vision can ever be fully restored) after removing a costume contact lens that caused an injury to her cornea.

Meanwhile, the FDA has warned that no one should be selling contact lenses unless they are licensed to sell medical devices. In fact, it is illegal for any store to be selling costume contact lenses without proper licensing which would allow for medical oversight.