EllieMac: Bride of Frankenstein

Note: Never use cosmetic contact lenses without a doctor’s supervision!


Fury of Dracula Board Game


This Fury of Dracula Board Game is both frightful and fun. It is a board game of deduction and gothic horror based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel.

One player controls Count Dracula as he spreads his vampirism throughout Victorian-era Europe. Up to four other players take on the roles of Mina Harker and her companions as they try to destroy the Count. Make sure that the hunters don’t become the hunted. This is a great gift for horror fans who like to play board games.

Fury of Dracula Board Game

Nightmare Before Christmas Journal and Pillow Gift Set


This Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Journal & Pillow Gift Set is a great way for fans to get some Jack time. Use the journal to record your innermost thoughts. Use the pillow to rest your head.

You get a Jack Skellington journal and a tombstone-shaped pillow, also featuring Jack. The journal even includes alphabet stickers so you can personalize it. The tombstone-shaped pillow measures about 11-inches tall x 8-inches wide x 4-inches thick and features a back pocket to keep your journal hidden in.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Journal & Pillow Gift Set

Southern Lady: Porches and Pumpkins

Nothing says fall in the South like a front porch adorned with pumpkins. Use these ideas to decorate your home’s entrance with the season’s signature motif. 

Porches & Pumpkins

Food Network: Pumpkin Cocktails


Hey, pumpkin spice lattes shouldn’t be having all the fun. When it comes to seasonally spun drinks, your cocktails could use some of the warming, spiced vibes of the fall as well. Shake up these festive pumpkin cocktails all seasonal long and plan on them as you prep for Thanksgiving.

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