Cuddle Creeps Horror Pillows


The Cuddle Creeps Horror Pillows are the perfect companions to take your hand and escort you into Dreamland… if you’re a horror freak.

After that mess known as Twilight ruined vampires by making them sparkle, there are actually a few people out there who probably wouldn’t mind sleeping with a vampire but Edward Thompson from Fright Night probably isn’t the Edward most vamp-lovers imagine in bed with them.

However, that’s the Ed you get when you want to sleep with the dead, unless of course you prefer someone with a little more spirit in them… or in the case of Regan from The Exorcist, a little more demon in them, complete with green gunk around the mouth. Go on. Give her a kiss.

While the front of the pillows feature (not entirely screen-accurate) images of the iconic horror characters, the back is plain black fabric… as black as their lost souls.

Cuddle Creeps Horror Pillows


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