DIY Leaf Mask

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“Nightmare Before Christmas” ReAction Figures Coming

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hat’s this? The residents of Halloween Town are coming in ReAction form!

Build your collection with Pumpkin King Jack, Santa Jack, Shock, Wolfman, Clown with the Tearaway Face, and Oogie Boogie.

Some Oogie Boogie figures even glow in the dark — this is Halloween!

Coming Soon From Funko: NEW Nightmare Before Christmas ReAction Figures!

Friday the 13th Jason Bottle Opener


This Friday the 13th Jason Mask Metal Bottle Opener wants to terrorize your kitchen and help you open your bottles. Don’t worry, he won’t just whack it with a machete.

Jason Voorhees is a pretty strong guy, supernaturally strong. That means he is the perfect candidate to open your bottles. It features the horror movie icon’s mask, ready to decapitate your bottles. Horror fans will love it!

Friday the 13th Jason Mask Metal Bottle Opener

Only in Your State: Haunted Georgia Restaurants

Have you ever been to a restaurant and whilst chowing down on your spaghetti bolognese and thought, “You know what would make this meal even better? Ghosts.”? Well you’re in luck, because Georgia is littered with haunted restaurants just waiting to be explored. Georgia is so rich with history, there are stories in abundance, especially those that tend to give you goosebumps in the night. So plan your next date night accordingly, and check out these haunted restaurants in Georgia.

You’ll Never Forget Your Visit To These 8 Haunted Restaurants In Georgia

World Religion News: The Japanese Festival of the Dead: Obon

Obon or Bon is the Japanese festival celebrated to honor the dead and spirits of their ancestors. It is the equivalent of the Western or Christian’s All Soul’s Day except that Obon is a 3 day celebration and is marked by numerous religious and festive activities. Based on tradition, the festivity falls on the 13th to 15th day of the lunar calendar (August 13-15) but other regions, particularly those using the modern Gregorian calendar like Tokyo, will observe Obon on July 13-15. Though it’s not an official national holiday, many companies and businesses are closed allowing their employees to take a leave, be with their family and celebrate.

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