Amazing Scooby-Doo Background Art

Dread Central presents a gallery of Scooby-Doo background images from an era where things such as cartoon backdrops and brief animated set pieces were actually created in a way that made them true works of art. (Not to mention, these will make excellent wallpapers come Halloween!)


Face Appears in Street Light in Salem

Anywhere else and this would still be something to take note of, but when it happens in Salem, Massachusetts (considered one of the most historically creepy places on the planet due to the infamous witch trials of the 1600s), and it is bound to start getting some national attention.

The short version: the mayor of Salem, Kim Driscoll, posted a photo online showing what appears to be a human face in the glass on one of the town’s street lamps.

Funko Monster High Figures

I’m still catching up on my post Christmas back log, but I’m not too far off with this one since the figures only came out a few weeks ago. Funko released a series of Funko Pop figures based on the Monster High dolls (and they are some of my favorite Funkos produced so far.) Also, there’s some really amazing looking Rock Candy dolls from the Monster High line as well.

Slimer Ghostbusters Statue


From Geek Alerts

This Ghostbusters Slimer 1:4 Scale Statue is one ugly little spud! It stands 23 1/2-inches tall and is limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide!

Slimer is hovering over a food cart while gorging himself on the leftovers. It’s what he does and he makes no apologies. Slimer himself is 10-inches tall and is made of translucent resin for a more ghostly appearance! Ghostbusters fans are going to love this statue. He is comically spooky and adorable.

Fangoria Toys of Terror #125

Toys of Terror #125

This week’s toys include action figures from Nightmare on Elm StreetHalloween, and Ash vs. Evil Dead.